The lost in Northern Africa 

Northern Africa Alliance 

Morocco, the Western Sahara, Algeria, Mauritania, Niger, Tunisia, Chad and Libya all make up a region our mission calls North Africa. Most people in North Africa will go their whole lives never hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ even once. There are a few churches in North Africa but they are for foreigners who live and work there, not for the locals. In fact, most if not all are guarded or being watched to make sure no locals enter. 

Most people in Northern Africa will go through their lives never hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ even once.  

Most will never feel the presence of God in a church service. Most will never feel the love of God displayed through the community of believers like we do. Most will never once in their lifetime hear the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ unless we go and tell them.  Like the Apostle Paul, we have workers who want to preach Christ where people have not already heard. Join us in praying for and encouraging these workers to take the good news of Jesus to this region of the world. 

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