Living By Faith

During my last outreach I learned the importance of faith. Often we hear the scripture quoted that we are to "live by faith and not by sight". Or referring to those who "live by faith" which basically means faith for finances. But what I want to share with you today is about faith for your life and faith in His character.

I was leading an outreach this January and February. The Lord was stretching me and bringing me out of my comfort zone. I was carrying more responsibility than I was used to, it was necessary that I operate in a number of areas that are not my strongest points, and the planning process was plagued with obstacles. On top of that there were a number of issues within the team. In that place, I had every opportunity for insecurity, doubt, and an overall lack of trust to creep into my heart and life.

This is when the Lord taught me to trust and walk in faith. There were many days that I didn't feel like everything was great, actually there were few to none if I was looking at the natural or going off of what I felt. This was when I learned what faith is, faith isn't a mystical euphoric feeling, it is believing in God no matter what the situations around you say. Trusting that what His word says is true even when you don't see or feel it. Trusting to the point that it changes the way you view the situation. The Bible says that we are "seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus". To actually live out that truth we have to step out of situation and look at it from the perspective of our heavenly Father.

I have been learning that faith and trust, at least in part, look like walking in the truth when it doesn’t seem to be true. Circumstances don’t determine my attitude or perspective, the truth of the Bible does. This transformed my outreach! I could walk in joy and confidence that God was in control of the situation. I am continuing to learn and walk in this every day. I hope that you will too!

Hijacking of the term "Unreached"

Recently I’ve heard that the police are an unreached people group, that people with addictions are unreached, that the largest unreached people group are children under 18 years of age, etc., etc. I even heard a missions pastor say that the United States ranks 3rd among the nations in the number of unreached people living inside our borders. I hope you realize that statements like these are ridiculous. They are the result of either ignorance or deception.

The word “unreached” was coined in the work of missions to mean people or ethnic groups who do not have access to the Gospel. A person who moves to the U.S. from Somalia now has access to the Gospel. They may not yet have heard, but the opportunity to hear is available through sources such as Christian TV and radio, people they meet at work or school who are believers, the fact that churches are nearby, and in many other ways. The police who are not believers, addicts who haven’t heard about Jesus, and children who haven’t been raised in a Christian home, if living in nations where the Gospel is available, may be unsaved but should not be referred to as unreached.

The reason why blurring or confusing the term “unreached” is so critical goes back to its origin in the context of missions. It was intended to be helpful and significant in developing strategy toward completion of the Great Commission. It was to produce a sense of urgency or priority in where we go and where we send our workers. It was never intended to be the only, or exclusive, aspect of missions work. But the unreached were to become a priority in the work. So what happened?

I believe that many who were not called to work among the unreached became defensive and even negative toward the prioritization of reaching those who have never heard. I actually heard a mission leader ridicule the emphasis on the 10/40 Window while speaking at a large mission conference. When ridiculing and criticizing the priority of the unreached didn’t work, I believe there was a shift toward re-defining and confusing the term. Some of this was done out of ignorance to what the Scriptures clearly teach regarding missions, much was done in a defensive posture of people’s present ministry, and some came as a result of the enemy’s influence among the unsuspecting.

The solution to this challenge to the completion of the Great Commission is a fresh resolve to take the Gospel to where it isn’t. There are new pathways to the unreached that are exciting, inexpensive, and simple. There is no doubt that the remaining unreached people of the world are in difficult and dangerous places. But we can go, and we can win them, and we can see the knowledge of the glory of the Lord cover the earth. The question is: Will you burn away the fog of confusion by passionately focusing on finishing the task?

On the Horizon in 2017...

We here at YWAM Jax are excited about 2017 and all that's happening through this ministry! Here's a quick overview of the schools and trips that will be offered in the coming months.. It would be a JOY to have YOU join us!! 


School of Leadership and Development

The School of Leadership & Discipleship is designed to help you grow as a person of influence. It's a school focused on personal discipleship and learning how to disciple and lead others.

Dates: April 9, 2017- September 2, 2017


Short Term Outreaches 

Running all summer long... We will do all the teaching, training and ministry set-up, all you need to do is come ready to serve and share God's love with others!

Click the link above to view all the dates and locations we are offering! There is an option for every type of group and individual!


Fall DTS

Discipleship Training School

Starting with a 12 week lecture phase, our DTS brings in teachers from around the country who speak on topics ranging from How to Hear the Voice of God to Missions, specifying in the unreached nations of the world! After the lecture phase is over we head overseas for 9 weeks of hands on ministry with the world's most forgotten.

The DTS is an experience that is guaranteed to change your life!

Date: September 24, 2017-March 2018



School of Frontier Missions

For the First time EVER, we are offering a bilingual SOFM. We are so excited to open up this school to both English and Spanish speakers!

The purpose of the school is to give you the skills you need to work on a team focused on empowering unreached people to become faithful disciples of Jesus and to help them begin transformational movements making disciples.

Dates: October 1, 2017- December 22, 2017


PLEASE contact with any questions and for more info on these opportunities!