Women in Nepal 

Nepal Alliance

In a nation where new believers are considered “untouchables”- the caste you do not mix with; a business designed to teach women about how God sees them brings great value to their lives.  The blend of business and missions is the perfect way to share the love of God with these women in this Hindu nation. 

Reaching one life at a time through the touch of beauty from the eyes of God.

By training women in cosmetology, not only are they able to support themselves, but they are taught to give back. They work to meet community needs by providing services to orphanages and with other organizations that work with women at risk. In addition, a percentage of the profits of the salon are given to those that work to stop human trafficking in Nepal.

Join us to find out how you can be part of touching these women with God’s love. For more information, call 1-866-376-1435 or email the Nepal Alliance at ywamjaxalliances@yahoo.com

For more information, call;
or email the Nepal  Alliance at;

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