Sasak of Indonesia

Sasak Alliance 

The Sasak are an unreached people group on the island of Lombak, just east of Bali. There are about 2.8 million Sasak who practice two streams of Islam. Waktu Lima, meaning five times, is the more Orthodox brand of Islam, the name referencing the traditional Islamic doctrine of five daily prayer times. The other stream, Wetu Telu, have a form of Islam that is mixed with animistic practices.   It appears as if these Sasak only follow Islam nominally, holding instead to the Hindu and Animistic beliefs that were once the overarching worldview hundreds of years ago among their people group. 

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation. Among the Sasak, there are only 10 known Christians.

This is the time to pray and act so that the Sasak will come to know the good news of Jesus Christ and in turn will begin to influence their nation for the gospel. You can join us from where you are now. Become a member of the Sasak Alliance and you’ll get regular prayer updates as well as ideas on how you can help introduce the Sasak on Lombok to Jesus. 

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