Discipleship Training School (DTS)




The DTS is divided into two parts: a twelve-week lecture phase, followed by a nine-week outreach phase. In order to graduate from the DTS, both phases must be successfully completed.

Classroom & Training

The lecture phase consists of an elective of your choice, classroom curriculum, required reading, one-on-one mentoring, intercession groups, personal devotions, work duties, and various ministry opportunities.  All of these activities are aimed at helping students learn more about God and to deepen their relationship with Him.

Topics we cover

  • The character of God

  • Personal character development

  • How to hear God’s voice

  • Developing healthy relationships with others

  • Developing a strong devotional life

  • Sharing your faith

  • Missions

Frontiers Elective

Our Frontiers Elective cuts to the very core of who YWAM Jacksonville is! In addition to the regular DTS schedule those choosing this elective will spend time focusing in on learning about other cultures, details of the Unreached in the world, visiting local Mosques/Buddhist Temples, spending time with our local refugee population, and interceding for the hardest & darkest areas of the Globe.

Leadership Elective

Focused on those with a passion for leadership & discipleship, this elective will give you practical training as well as develop the spiritual disciplines seen in the greatest leaders of our time! This elective is for those who are either currently a leader in your church or desire to grow in your leadership skills. In addition to the regular DTS schedule those choosing this path will spend time learning public speaking, how to disciple those entrusted to you, practicals for leading, and much more!        

Sports & Fitness Elective

Here at YWAM Jacksonville we have been blessed with a community that loves Sports and Fitness. Those who choose this elective will get to combine their love of fitness with the missional training in our DTS. In addition to the regular DTS schedule those choosing this path will spend time growing in their sport with other likeminded individuals, learning how to bring the spiritual into their every day training, & getting hands on practice using sports to evangelize those around you! 

The goal of the DTS outreach is reaching people who have never heard about Jesus while growing in our personal passion for the lost. Each school’s outreaches travel to work among Unreached People.

For eight weeks the teams will have the incredible privilege of impacting nations with the Good News of Jesus. Ministry opportunities usually include one-on-one evangelism, research of specific unreached people groups, intercession and worship, encouraging fellow believers and various types of mercy ministries. Teams may visit more than one nation and focus on specific people groups in each of the nations.  A final time of debriefing will take place once teams have returned.

YWAM Jacksonville DTS

UofN Accreditation

The Discipleship Training School at YWAM Jacksonville is affiliated with the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. The school offers 21 college credit hours.

School Details

Starting Date
March 24, 2019

$50 Enrollment fee              $3,750- Training Phase

 $4,500+/- Outreach Phase 

Outreach Location

To know God &                    make Him known

(904) 372-0161



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